Progressive Transcriptions, a Limited Liability Company (LLC), was founded in 2000 to bring high quality music notation services to its customers. Our controling members are Ryan Maziarz and Chris Romero of Phoenix, AZ.

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Ryan Maziarz - Ryan has played guitar since the age of 8. A talented computer user and engraver, he's served on the Sibelius Software beta team, helping to develop the guitar notation features that are present in the program.

Chris Romero - Chris is highly skilled on keyboard and saxophone, both of which he's played from a very young age. He has studied music theory performance and composition extensively at the university level.

Jordan Baker - Jordan, a northern Minnesota native, is equally skilled on guitar, keyboards and bass and has transcribed all three professionally, including main transcriber for Guitar One magazine. Jordan joined us on selected projects in 2004.

Chris and Ryan are also members of the Phoenix based professional rock band Sketching In Stereo playing keyboard and guitar respectively. Check us out!

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